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What is SWF?

These acronyms seem unknown to many people, but here we will try to inform you what this is all about. The abbreviation SWF refers in technological terms to a type of file that was formerly known as Shockwave Flash and is now a small format (Small Web Format), which have various functions such as giving animations and advertising to web pages.

This file format was created by Macromedia, which later became Adobe Systems. It is a format of the type: vector graphic, what does this mean?, which are those who are satisfied with geometric figures such as lines, points, polygons, curves and are created in computers based on mathematical equations. Originally this was so, but then it was incorporating audio and recently videos.

How do I run SWF files?

Already created these files can be executed from a plugin. You may be wondering, what is a plugin? It’s an application or a computer program that relates to another to add a new very specific function. SWF files run from a plugin called Adobe Flash Player to give more animation or be more interactive with users. This plugin allows to reproduce these SWF files, which have been created in a smaller way and can be executed from any platform and by any operating system such as Windows or Linux.

What is the purpose of these?

The purpose that designers seek when creating this type of files is that they are so small that they occupy very little space and do not interfere with the use of the network, that they have a good quality and are reproduced quickly allowing interaction with users.

What are they used for?

They are normally used to be published on the web, create animations, games, graphics, menus for DVD movies and TV commercials.


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What is SWF?
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