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Steps to open a SWF file from Windows?

Here we start with the steps we need to do to be able to open SWF files in Windows. The usual thing is to download Adobe Flash Player since it is the most used program in Windows. Also below we are going to see other options to be able to open in Windows this type of files, so that you can compare and choose the one that you prefer.

How to download Adobe Flash Player:

  • Open the official Adobe website and download Adobe Flash Player. This program is free

  • Click on download or install now and it will show the following

  • Wait for it to download and locate the download folder to run it.

  • Execute the file:


  • After clicking and allowing the installation an image will be displayed.


  • Click on next

  • Download begins

  • Once downloaded, you must restart the browser for the changes to take effect on your PC.


  • The installation is ready. Restart your PC


  • Place your SWF file in the browser and ready your swf files can be played.

You don’t need to continuously download the new versions of Flash Player, it is automatically updated in Chrome.

How to open .swf files with Firefox browser?

If your browser is Mozilla Firefox and you cannot open files with the .swf extension, we recommend the following:

  • Start Firefox in safe mode, as this will disable some features and reset settings, as well as disable add-ons.


  • If you have already downloaded Firefox, to restart it in Safe Mode go to the HELP menu, and select Restart with add-ons disabled.
  • To exit Firefox in Safe Mode, close it and wait a few seconds for you to reopen it in normal mode.
  • If with the above you do not get a solution, uninstall the browser and reinstall it so you can see your .swf files without problems.

How to open .swf files without using a web browser?

Flash projects have two output files, one with a .swf extension and the other with a .fla extension. The latter is the one that is modified if you want to give improvements to the animation of the created file and the swf extension is the one that is normally executed and seen on screen. If you have several .swf files on your computer you can play them without having to use the Web browser. This supposes that you have already installed the Flash player. There are several, among them Adobe Flash Player is the best known, but here we will see others with which you can also play it. We’ll explain how to do it:

  • Save your files with .SWF extension somewhere on your hard drive, in a folder or on your desktop. The file will be blank because Windows doesn’t recognize it.

  • Locate your SWF file and double click on it, a window like this will appear, click accept

  • It will show you another window where you can select the Flash Player program to open the file.
  • Done, your file will immediately start playing in a window of the flash player you selected.

Open .SWF files with the VLC program

There are many ways to play .swf files but one more we want to show you is with the VLC program itself which is well known to those who use it to play movies and videos of any format. Well, one of the formats that will also allow us to play is swf. We tell you how to do it:

  • First we download our VLC program and install it.
  • Then what we have to do is go to open a file, and once there search in our computer the file we have with extension .swf.
  • Then we just have to open it and it should run correctly on our computer.

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Steps to open a SWF file from Windows?
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