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How to open SWF files in Android?

First we need to know what is an Android, is an operating system that is used with touch phones or smart, Tablet and supports various connections such as Bluetooth, WiFi, sending messages and multimedia, also allows web browsers, download applications and work with Word files, Excel and others. As for SWF files are usually games, images, advertising on websites that will require a special application for you to view them from your Android, as it does not allow you to see them directly.

see an android mobile

To open a SWF file from your Android, your browser (Chrome example) must contain a Flash program, otherwise you will have to download a Flash SWF player application. This player is a free application for Android 2018 that provides special effects for web pages, serves as a video platform and is the basis for many videogames that are played directly from the web. If you like animations and videogames, you will need it!

Steps to open SWF files in Android

    • To play SWF flash files on your device, you must have these downloads:
    • SWF Player

SWF Player

    • SWF file: Pass the SWF file to your Android using the data cable or the AIRDROID application. (Download it to your SD card)
    • When you have downloaded the SWF Player, click and open it
    • Click on Local Files or local files.

local files swf

    • Find the SWF file you want to play, select it, (it is shown with a SWF icon right above it.


  • Click on the SWF file to play it
  • Playback will start automatically in the application window.

reproducir swf

  • There, you can enjoy as many times as you want your favorite games, from the comfort of your Android because as you have seen the SWF Player is very easy to use.

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How to open SWF files in Android?
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