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How to open a SWF file on a Mac?

The Mac OS operating system of Apple computers, will allow you to see SWF files that are files containing animations on web pages, but for this you must have installed a player that allows you to open them. The player that is compatible with the Mac is Elmedia Player with which you can have a special local configuration and enjoy flash movies. Elmedia Player is a player for multimedia files that plays most of those files and also serves to download them.

This powerful player offers many advantages, for example if you have a video in a language that you do not understand you can merge that video with an audio in a language that if you understand.

Install Elmedia Player

Now we’ll see how you can install this player on your Mac. You can go to the next page and download it:

  • Opens the page and asks to download the player

  • Execute the file

  • Install it on your Mac
  • Find your .swf file in the Finder.
  • Then right-click and in Open choose what you want with the Elmedia Player.
  • Now you can enjoy your .swf file on your Mac.

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How to open a SWF file on a Mac?
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